Robots Vs. Art

Art… The only human concept Robots couldn’t calculate.

Humanity is enslaved. The Robots rule the surface. Giles is a director/playwright/human and is given a chance to leave the mines by helping the Robots calculate art. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s a lot to compute…

A Tragicomedy about the redemption of humanity, written by Travis Cotton and performed by GradCo Studio.

“Robots Vs. Art is certainly a bit of fun”  Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

“Robots Vs Art could easily become a Comedy Festival hit. Check it out.” – Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald

Directed by Sean Foster

Featuring Aimee Lodge, Cassius Russel, Heaven-Cheyenne Campbell and Natanyah Forbes

Music and scoring composed by Paris Change.

Travis Cotton’s comedy hit Robots Vs. Art is a play about robots trying to make theatre. Directing this hilarious play will be Sean Foster making his directorial debut! Sean has been a member of GradCo.Studio since 2018, and you may remember him from GCS’s 2018 Fringe Show Hannah, in the knockout performance of Luke. The play will be performed with a completely original soundtrack composed by Paris Change, also a member of GradCo.Studio. Paris has written and composed music for a number of theatre pieces and though his music is unique, it is perfectly suited to the projects he takes on.

A note from the Director

“My vision for the play is to make it feel epic and cinematic, a majority of the theatre I see tends to not make as much use of music as films do. This play allows us to get away with that, because it wants us to suspend our disbelief a little bit more than normal. I hope audiences will walk away thinking that this play is hilarious, but then not be able to sleep because they’re afraid of their smart watch.”

Robots Vs. Art was performed at the Emerging Artist Sharehouse (Erskineville Town Hall) from September 3-7, 2019.


Marisol by Jose Rivera

Coffee is extinct. No one has seen the moon in 9 months. Neo-Nazis’ are setting homeless people on fire while they sleep. And angels are waging war in Heaven to overthrow a senile and ineffective God: but no matter how insane the story becomes, this play never loses its sanity.

Marisol is an absurdist, surreal “post-apocalyptic urban fantasy”, rife with dark humour, violence, and ever-lurking threat, but also a cry for human compassion. As a young woman navigates this strange and terrifying world, she learns to harness her own power, alone.

I invite you to step into this world Rivera has created, just for an hour, and meet the characters who inhabit it: The man with the ice cream cone who appeared in Taxi Driver and has never been paid; the man who is looking for his lost skin; June – from Brooklyn, and her brother Lenny; the woman in furs who never should have bought that hat; the homeless man on the train with a golf club; and of course Marisol Perez and her Angel.

Directed by Erin Louise Cotton

Featuring Chloe Baldacchino, Sarah Maguire, Simon Thomson, Matthew Vautin, Elizabeth Nicholls and Isabelle Fredericks.

A note from the Director

“As a woman, living in Sydney in 2019, Rivera’s post-apocalyptic world spoke to me in a very real way. The fear, isolation, the capitalism gone mad, the way the city knew if you were a woman alone and preyed on you, the fight to survive, and the constant urge to “WAKE UP” felt disturbingly familiar to me, and I knew I wanted to present this work to a modern Australian audience.”

Marisol was performed at the Emerging Artist Sharehouse (Erskineville Town Hall) from September 3-7, 2019.