Marisol by Jose Rivera

Coffee is extinct. No one has seen the moon in 9 months. Neo-Nazis’ are setting homeless people on fire while they sleep. And angels are waging war in Heaven to overthrow a senile and ineffective God: but no matter how insane the story becomes, this play never loses its sanity.

Marisol is an absurdist, surreal “post-apocalyptic urban fantasy”, rife with dark humour, violence, and ever-lurking threat, but also a cry for human compassion. As a young woman navigates this strange and terrifying world, she learns to harness her own power, alone.

I invite you to step into this world Rivera has created, just for an hour, and meet the characters who inhabit it: The man with the ice cream cone who appeared in Taxi Driver and has never been paid; the man who is looking for his lost skin; June – from Brooklyn, and her brother Lenny; the woman in furs who never should have bought that hat; the homeless man on the train with a golf club; and of course Marisol Perez and her Angel.

Directed by Erin Louise Cotton

Featuring Chloe Baldacchino, Sarah Maguire, Simon Thomson, Matthew Vautin, Elizabeth Nicholls and Isabelle Fredericks.

A note from the Director

“As a woman, living in Sydney in 2019, Rivera’s post-apocalyptic world spoke to me in a very real way. The fear, isolation, the capitalism gone mad, the way the city knew if you were a woman alone and preyed on you, the fight to survive, and the constant urge to “WAKE UP” felt disturbingly familiar to me, and I knew I wanted to present this work to a modern Australian audience.”

Marisol was performed at the Emerging Artist Sharehouse (Erskineville Town Hall) from September 3-7, 2019.