Addiction is fundamental to the human condition. This show takes an unbiased examination of people existing, coping and being influenced by their predilections. The social realism of humans coming together to “get worse”.

Pre-dating the beloved 1996 film, the play was one of the many additions to the 90’s English in-yer-face theatre cannon that grabbed a new generation of audiences. The play is somewhat different to the film, as it doesn’t offer the characters any real chance to escape from their circumstances but instead presents vignettes based on parts of the novel, ranging from the mortally grave to the comically fantastical.

It’s not PC; it’s visceral and dangerous, poetic and joyful.  It’s not entirely realistic, but it will be performed with the utmost courage and truth. There’s simulated sex, simulated drug use, simulated bodily functions, and nudity.

Directed by Simon Thomson, starring a stellar cast of Adam Golledge, Bruno Attanasio, Matthew Vautin, Jayden Muir, Shaw Cameron, Julie Bettens, Stephanie Eloise, Cassius Russell, and Jenae O’Connor

January 16-26, 2019

at Limelight on Oxford,

231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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